Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello: Lab, Food, and the Like. My First Four Days.


I have decided to start a blog about my summer.  I feel like I need to cherish these moments that I have: my first experience in lab-full time, my first time living on my own, studying for the GRE's, and perhaps most importantly writing my senior thesis and my summer going into senior year.  Life is starting to become a bit hectic, but it is exciting.  I learn something new everyday. 

First, I would like to apologize for any grammatical errors that may occur in any of my blogs, and the lack of structure that is more than likely to occur.  I can be a bit of a scatter-brain in my writing.  

Second, I think everyone that reads my blog will realize, probably pretty fast, that I am a big science-nerd.  I am a molecular biologist, and my project this summer is to study the regulation of histone H3 clipping in Tetrahymena.  I even took a nerdy picture today when cells grew on my agar plates from yesterday. 

See, a nerd.  Moreover, I became very excited when I found the PERFECT paper to support my thesis background.  When your lab is the first lab to study something new, there are no papers that fully support any of the research you are doing.  That can be tricky, especially when applying for grants.  I started to write my senior thesis tonight.  I have what I believe to be one full paragraph, and one paragraph that is 90% complete.  That is only 1 page of 12 for my intro…and I thought I was doing well! haha.  However, it is interesting enough to me that I don't care.

It is now Wednesday, and I moved into the apartment on Sunday.  I have cooked two dinners for myself.  The first one, not so successful seeing as the sweet potato fries burned.  However, the chicken was really good, and moist.

However, I had a lot more luck with my second dish!  I made pasta in the microwave (who knew!) and created a stir-fry with zucchini, chicken, peas, and of course, tomato sauce.

My newest obsession has been the Zoku popsicle maker.  I have made a different popsicle every night, but I am only going to share my favorite one here: peanut butter oreo n' milk.  It was so simple, and can be my "guilty" pleasure whenever I want! 

Sorry if there was not enough content in the post, or if it was too long, I am off to bed now.  I have a very busy day in the lab tomorrow! Wish me luck :P

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