Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fault in Our Stars

I officially have an update for you on my microscopy experiment!  Today I fixed my cells onto slides, and while finding and focusing in on cells for TWO HOURS was very difficult, I have my results!  It worked :)  My cells grew as expected.  My Professor was happy with my results, and I believe I have a few paper worthy pictures.  (You know, a picture is worth a thousand words!  In science, that is true.  When you write a paper, you want to be able to analyze the picture from the legend, and not by reading the whole results section).

I finished my second tip box today.  Am I real scientist yet?  It's fun to finish a box of tips; it makes me feel important and knowledgeable.  I understand that may not make complete sense, but in my mind it does because I am trying to further science, a person's life, my career, and knowledge in general.

Today, I would like to thank my Professor for trusting me in the lab and letting me carry out my experiment on my own, without help. In addition, it was great to hear how proud of me she was for jumping in today and helping my peer problem-solve and determine if the sequence of her DNA was correct.  To reiterate an earlier blog post, science is all about teamwork and collaboration!  

Tonight, I would really like to talk about the movie Fault in Our Stars.  I saw this movie this evening with my lovely roommate, and it has left me with a variety of feelings.  The movie was great.  I thought it was well down and not solely about children who had cancer or the journey that they went through.  A connection was made between the actors and the audience.  There were gasps, awes, tears, and clapping at the end of the movie.  There was a deeper meaning that can be applied to any person's life. Life is short, but moreover life is what you make of it.  YOU choose what you do with your life, not anybody else.  In the end, you choose whom you impact, and how you impact them.  The movie contains these two teenagers, who have cancer, and went on a journey to Amsterdam to find out the end of a novel an author had written.  However, the author was rude, and after inviting them over to talk, refused.  You make up your own story; the same can be applied to a novel.  While some novels are significant, they are not meant to contain closure.  As one of the main characters thought about the end of their life, he/she did not feel as though he/she has left an impact on the world.  The impact was defined as being famous and well known.  However, the other main character made the point that he/she has made an impact, an impact on his/ her family and friends.

Will we ever gain closure in life?  Will we ever be completely content with the impact that we have made on the world?  Only you can answer this question, and I think they are important questions.  My take is that it all depends on who you are, and at what point you are in life.  I am not sure I will ever be completely content with the impact that I have made on the world; I have huge plans, and I also need to realize they may not be achievable.  I most likely will not be person to "cure" Tetralogy of Fallot, but more importantly, I have made an impact on thousands of people already.  All of the people I have talked to at AHA Gala's.  My commercial when I was ~8 years old.  Raising money.  My friends.  My family.  I share my story of who I am and already I have made a large impact on the world.  For me, maybe it won't be enough, not yet at least.  I am only 21 years old.  However, if I spend my life trying to "cure" Tetralogy of Fallot and help other children and fail, I will still have made my mark on this world trying.  That is what is important.  I may not become famous, however I will have benefitted the world, even if I "fail" because a "failure" in science isn't just a "fail" but an incorrect hypothesis/ experiment.  It opens a new door, to a new hypothesis, a new experiment.  I have just taken a small, inadvertent message from the movie tonight and applied it to my life.

Instead of ending my blog with a quote from somebody else, I am going to quote myself:

Life is what you make of it, live your life to the fullest, and be who you want to be.  Don't be anybody but yourself.

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