Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy National Donut Day!!

Did you get your free donut today?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Krispy Kreme is giving out FREE donuts.  

Naturally, on my way home from my research fellowship today I stopped at the Krispy Kreme closest to my house.  I had to wait 10 minutes for a donut, but if you have ever had a Krispy Kreme donut before you know it is well worth the wait. (Did you know I used to dislike Krispy Kreme?  Crazy, right!) The hot light was even on (aka you watch the donuts cook).  If you know me, you know that I love chocolate, sprinkles, and, of course, sugar.  So I got a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles.  Usually, I like chocolate sprinkles, but on a donut it's rainbow sprinkles all the way!

Fact: Did you know that sprinkles are called Jimmies on the East Coast, and that they only truly refer to the CHOCOLATE ones?

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo before I took a bite…or maybe I just couldn't wait to eat this donut.  I can't actually tell you the last time I had a donut (it has been a few months); I forgot how good they were.  This donut was worth every bite.

On the way of thesis progress, I wrote three more paragraphs this afternoon.  Every paragraph is a milestone, though there is still a lot of editing to do.  I am not completely happy with the sentence arrangement yet, but I have time to think about the structure.

Last, I had a FABULOUS dinner tonight my parents at the club.  I, of course, ordered my dinner without vegetables: salmon and squash risotto.  As I am a very picky eater, I was asked what veggies I do like: sweet potatoes, potatoes, zucchini, squash, corn, and peas.  I CANNOT stand mushrooms; I will not eat them under any circumstances (the veggie usually served with this dish).  The chef made peas in a pod (my first time eating a pea pod, minus the pod), corn, and half a sweet potato.  I ate the whole plate.  Hats off to the chef tonight.

I laughed so hard tonight I almost cried; this spew of laughter came about while I was trying to finish my main course.  It is very nice to have such a close relationship with my parents.  I always appreciate it when they tell me, like tonight, that they are proud of me.  It is great to know that they support me while I follow my dreams.  I couldn't have asked for better parents.  The laughter stems from the close relationship we have formed and our openness with each other.  Laughter, in my world, is contagious.  My mother watched my dad and I keel over in laughter (I say something funny, my dad laughs non-stop, and then I laugh).  Nights where you can laugh this hard are always great, no matter what.

The last course: dessert.  I have only had bread pudding in the dinning hall at school before.  My father was slightly appalled, therefore I got to taste my first real bread pudding tonight in a caramel bourbon sauce.  It was laced with cinnamon, a bit of nutmeg, and chocolate.  I died and went to heaven.

"Family is not an important thing.  It's everything."-- Michael J. Fox

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