Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moved In

Am I a senior yet?  Has senior year technically started because I have moved in, or does it start tomorrow because that is when classes start.  I can see how one may view these questions as ludicrous, but in the eyes of my peers and myself, it is a question we are asking.  The start of senior year leaves us all with mixed feelings.  OMG, we're seniors?  Already?  How has town flown so fast?  What do you mean I am going to be in the "real world" soon?  You mean I have to find my own job?  Oh no…senior thesis….

It seems like just yesterday that I moved in for Freshman year, and we were all so excited.  College is a time for us to find ourselves, and to experiment with classes, majors, and career ideas.  For my whole college career I have known that I wanted to go into the sciences, however, I had wanted to incorporate economics into that plan.  Until I took my first economics class, then I just wanted to be in the sciences.
On the other hand, I discovered an area of interest that I never even knew existed before: feminism and science, and the underrepresentation of women in the sciences.  I discovered this subject area Sophomore year while fulfilling one of my general education requirements.  It is amazing what you can learn, and how much you can expand your knowledge, by having an open mind and trying out new classes (even when they are required).

As I am getting ready to start my last year, and to go out into the real world, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been giving.  The opportunity of going to a small Liberal Arts College.

Here is to an amazing senior year!  Party on :)

P.S.  Here is a picture of my room.

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