Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Classes = Complete

Another year has passed by where I can say I completed my first day of classes.  It is amazing to be back on campus, and overall I am very excited about the classes that I am taking.  I was very impressed when I walked into my Computer Science class Tuesday morning, and both of the Professors were standing right inside the door.  Immediately, they said hello, introduced themselves, and asked for my name, school, and year.  No, it was not unusual that they asked what school I went to, as I attend a consortium.  In addition, they had the class take selfies and write our names down.  All in all, classes are off to a good start.

I am giving a presentation on Friday about my summer research, and met with my lab Professor today to work out the kinks.  In fact, her research students were invited to a microbiology conference to present their work and she believes that I might be the best candidate!  It is very exciting to have many opportunities where I can share my research, and excitement; it is a great feeling to have a Professor believe in you.

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