Monday, September 8, 2014

It's the weekend (or actually Monday) of week 1!

Hello fellow people!

I have not had a chance to post, in part because I am not sure what I want to say.  I have delved right into my classes, and they are going!  While I will not say that I love them all, they are all good classes with knowledgable Professors.  However, instead of an update on classes I want to update you on a) grad schools, and b) my social life.

a)  I am on my way to completing my list of graduate programs!  I have looked at over 15 programs already, and have at least 10 more to go.  Right now, my list contains 12 schools.  It is interesting to see how this list grows and changes.  By this Friday, I should have a complete list of the schools to which I will apply.  The excitement continue to build as I get closer to the momentous event of graduating and starting the next stage of my life.

b)  I had a great weekend.  I completed my schoolwork, and had time to go out and play.  I went to my favorite cupcake place this weekend.  As it had been such a long time, I ate one large peanut butter chocolate chip cupcake with a chocolate ganache and peanut butter frosting and one mini snicker doodle cupcake.  They were AMAZING!  In addition, I got to spend hours hanging out with my friends catching up.  I couldn't have asked for a better first weekend back on campus.

I would love to leave this blog post by saying a Happy 24th wedding Anniversary to my parents.  They even sent ME a GIFT!  It was amazing.  So much love to get around.

(The PERFECT way to describe my weekend)

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