Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Good and the Bad

Hello fellow readers,

This past week contained both triumphs and failures.  I finally recombined all of my DNA sequences onto a GFP tag.  In non-scientific terms, I took a circular piece of DNA that contains a fluorescent tag and inserted my DNA sequence into it.  I now have two mutant sequences, and one wild-type or unaltered DNA sequence.

The next step is to put my plasmid (the piece of DNA containing both my DNA sequence and the GFP tag) into Tetrahymena.  I am completing this step with a partner, and we are on our third try this week.  Tetrahymena have seven different mating types, or seven different sexes.  To insert the plasmid into Tetrahymena, you have to starve them and mix two different mating types together.  At this point, the cells are susceptible and they can take up the plasmid.  Unfortunately, the last two tries, it appears as though we had contamination and were trying to mate the same cell types.  

I have also been worried about the GRE's, which I am taking in 13 days.  It is difficult trying to balance everything.  I cannot wait to put this behind me.  While I want to remain at school and complete a few extra weeks of my internship, I am very excited to be at home.

When I got home yesterday, Cheryll was so unbelievably excited.  I haven't seen her this excited, and for a full 23 hours straight, in a very long time.  It appears as though she really missed me :).  I missed her too, along with the rest of my family.  T-6 days until I get to be home for a month.

"I cannot, I have lab"-- the story of my life

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