Saturday, July 12, 2014

Success At Last

Good evening!  I am going to keep this blog post short tonight; I wanted to update you on the development of my experiments.  If you refer to my blog post a few weeks back, where I explain the GFP recombination that I was attempting to do, then you may understand the difficulties I was having on trying to get my reaction to work.  Well, I have gotten to the reaction to work and have successfully isolated the plasmid (contains the DNA sequence I desired with a fluorescent tag attached)!  I have conformed the isolation of one of my plasmids with my Professor, and I am waiting to here back on the other two.  After many unsuccessful reactions, and only becoming minimally frustrated, I felt elated!  The feeling of having accomplished the next step in my experiment, after SIX weeks, is equivalent to the feeling of a giddy five year old.

Thank you for all of the support; I cannot wait for next week and learning how to carry out the next experiment.

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